Im coming from a family of educators, they are dedicated to their career and enthusiastic about teaching, deeply attract me to pursue my career in education. In China, the reflections on the three levels of family education, school education and society education, make me deeply understand the advantages of this form of I earning. Since I study in America for four years, I have rich art knowledge to contact eastern aesthetics with western theory, and I appreciate how understanding cultural differences and foreign language structures can improve my teaching strategies. In the teaching process, I carefully prepare the lesson plan to ensure I have the experience, passion and patience to bring out the best in students, and transform the learning environment to foster creativity, originality and critical thinking in education. A good teacher should use materials closely related to students live and adopt interactive teaching methods, so I take students as foundation, in order to fully implement individualized instruction,  I work for each student based on their knowledge level, learning method, attitude and habit. Also, the effectiveness of student learning process depends on the psychological study environment, and different teaching programs will have different learning psychological environment. Combine with the self-regulated learning cyclic model training, the  students will make an obvious  improvement in their ability of autonomous learning. I wish my teaching methods and advices are feasible for my students and can help them to achieve better performance.